Beware the Politician bearing gifts!

Boris JohnsonSo they dangled a carrot in front of you and you took it.
Then the price of diesel went up, oh dear.
Then the emissions were classified as very harmful, oh dear.
Now there is to be a levy on diesel cars in major cities, and good old Boris has announced, (in response to the threat of fines from the EU for breaching air pollution limits), that from 2020 diesel owners driving into London will have to pay a £10 pollution premium, oh dear, oh dear.

Along with scrapping most vans pre 2002 and by 2020 any pre 2006 cars out of London, several of us will probably need a new car! To be able to purchase all these replacement vehicles you’ll need funds, I guess the Government expect you to use more credit for this and the spiral of debt will continue.

Anyway, so you bought a Diesel, WHY?
Whose advice  did you take, mmmm a politician’s?
Ok, would you ask a mechanic for political advice, I wouldn’t recommend it!

Unless you are covering 20k in mileage a year, they do not make economical sense. The initial purchase cost is higher, diesel is more expensive than petrol in the UK (although not if you live in the EU). The cost of repairs when they go wrong is an eye watering sum and now you are going to have to pay a levy to drive into major cities. When you last saw a vehicle in front of you billowing black smoke, it will have been a diesel needing repair, probably not done because of the cost!

Remember the most damaging environmental impact the Automotive Industry has on this planet is in the production and end of life destruction of vehicles. The bit in between (i.e. when we use them) has a far less detrimental effect particularly if it’s a well maintained petrol engine.

Do we really need new cars as often as a Car Manufacturer or Politician would have us believe? If you’re unsure on vehicle choice, why don’t you contact us and we can give you some free advice based on our experience, of which is the most suitable car for you.

TYRES, what are they worth?

They are your only contact with the road surface!

How do you choose a replacement when needed? Top brand, mid range budget? Some may even opt for second-hand?

Please don’t. I believe they represent poor value for money and may even cost you your life. With a new tyre you have a comeback in the event of any defect. Used tyres have an unknown history, and maybe have run under or over inflated. This can lead to weakening of the tyre’s structure, which could lead to premature tyre failure, often happening with little or no warning!

An example below is a second-hand tyre bought by a customer recently with a repaired sidewall which will be most likely to blow at motorway speeds. Frightening!

Our advice would be to purchase the best possible tyre appropriate for your vehicle, budget and usage. If you are unsure what to buy, please call us. We’re happy to help.

second-hand tyre with repaired sidewall

We’ve just received a shiny new ‘Trust My Garage’ scheme sign!

Chiswick Car Craft is a memeber of Trust my Garage scheme.
Chiswick Car Craft is proud to be a member of TRUST MY GARAGE, a collection of Britain’s best local garages – each one different and every one dedicated to the highest standards of skill and personal service. We are members of the Independent Garage Association which is part of The Retail Motor Industry Federation  RMI – one of Britain’s oldest motor trade organisations. IGA members are true professionals – complying with a strict code of practice. By using a member of TRUST MY GARAGE you can also be reassured that you are using a nationally recognised brand.

We follow a strict customer charter laid down by by TRUST MY GARAGE. As this is a nationally recognised brand backed by the IGA, each and every customer of all Trust My Garage members can rely apon the fact that if there’s a problem that can’t be sorted out between them and their garage, the IGA takes over and helps to achieve a happy outcome.

Fred Hayes

Our Blue Plaque is in honour of Fred Hayes who spent most of his working life in this building, apart from a stint of National Service and 5 years at ‘Trico’. Fred would take time out to look at the Job!…a phrase we still use today in the workshop.

R.I.P  F. Hayes 1938-2013